Welcome Future Frugalpreneurs!

Hello ! <3

Welcome to The Frugalpreneur!  This site is so stinkin’ new I don’t even have content for it yet….well, I do- but it’s all floating around it my head.  It’s so fresh that it hasn’t all even been transcribed to a random mosaic of sticky notes along my office wall, but I assure you, when it’s up it will be fresh squeezed and delicious.

My goal for The Frugalpreneur is to help you start a venture when you have little capital, to help you side hustle when you’re broke and to rock your life on a budget for now and build something epic for later.

I myself started out as a broke blogger and grad student (still sort of broke, but less-so) and want to share my experience, and draw some insight from experts that did their own thing, made money on the internet and were able to start a project or business that brings home the bacon with little to no startup cost.

My hope is to help you and I’m pretty excited about that.

Until this site is launched- leave me some love at my other blog:  FrugalBeautiful.com

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