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These 12 Restaurant Deals Offer Great Value for American Families

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Dining out with the family is an enjoyable but expensive experience. While the pressure is off when cooking excellent food and clearing up the dishes, the strain on the wallet can be significant. But fear not, we take a look at 12 restaurant deals specifically designed for American families:

Panera Bread Family Feast

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal, Panera Bread offers a Family Feast with two adult entrees, two kid’s menu items, and a loaf of bread. The U.S. family favorite also has a kid’s eat-free night, and plenty of healthy options are on the menu, including salads, sandwiches with lean protein, and fruit cups. With essential family meal deals starting at $23, you can build your meals depending on your hunger and budget. 

Chick-fil-A Family Bundle

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Starting at just $13.25, Chick-fil-A’s Family Bundle includes chicken options, sides, and drinks to feed the whole family. This is an excellent option for families on the go or for a casual night out. You can choose from a set meal or build your own to suit the tastes of each family member. 

Olive Garden Family Bundles

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Olive Garden offers Bundles that include pasta, breadsticks, salad, and dessert for a more substantial family meal. This is an excellent option for a sit-down meal that everyone will enjoy, even the fussiest child in the family. The prices are higher than those of fast food chains, but you get that homecooked feeling without the effort of spending hours in the kitchen. 

Applebee’s Two for $20

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Applebee’s offers a two-for-$20 menu that includes two entrees and an appetizer. This is an excellent option for a budget-friendly family meal with limited cooking time. Many locations also offer a kid’s eat-free night, and there are often deals on starters and desserts, with a gift for birthdays. 

Outback Steakhouse Walkabout Wednesdays

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Outback Steakhouse offers a Walkabout Wednesdays deal with a Bloomin’ Onion and two entrees for $12.99, including a drink. Outback is an excellent option for a fun and affordable night out, and many families book birthday meals here. The chain also has a selection of family platters on the menu if you cannot make Wednesdays. 

B.J.’s Restaurant Brewhouse Pizookie Cookie Deal

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BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse is known for its deep-dish pizzas and Pizookie desserts. They often have deals on both, making them an excellent option for a family meal. There is generally a different offer each day; for example, you can get a half-off on Mondays, so be sure to check out the weekly offers and decide which day to treat the family. 

Denny’s Kids Slam

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Denny’s offers a Kids Slam with pancakes, eggs, bacon, and hash browns. This is an excellent option for a hearty breakfast or brunch on weekends and during school holidays. The fast food chain also offers kids free food on Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

IHOP Free Pancake Day

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IHOP offers free pancakes on a specific day of the year (usually in March), a great way to get a free meal for the family. Outside their free pancake day, IHOP has a family bundle menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. Food bundles start at $35.99, and drinks bundles start at $12.99, so you can feed a family for under $50. 

Chipotle Build Your Bowls

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Chipotle offers build-your-own bowls that can be customized to please everyone in the family. While they do not have family deals, they offer a kid’s menu with smaller portions, and the food is generally an affordable treat in the evenings when you do not feel like cooking. 

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Family Bundles

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California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) offers Family Bundles, including pizza, salad, and drinks. Prices start from $40 for meals and drinks, and it is one of the more substantial meal deals if you have a hungry family. Outside of the family bundles, CPK does a 7-inch pizza for children and often has offers for free desserts and drinks. 

McDonald’s Happy Meal

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When all else fails, you can go right with a good old McDonald’s Happy Meal. These classic treats are an excellent option for families with young children who tend to be on the fussy side. They come with a main course, side, drink, and toy, and many locations also offer coupons and deals on Happy Meals. Adult meals are reasonably priced, too, so it is never an expensive meal, even if you factor in buying a dessert.  

Local Restaurants

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If you want something different from the usual chain restaurants, you can see what local places offer. Local restaurants want to build a loyal customer base, and they realize that supporting families on a budget is one way to do so. Many offers will be on the quieter days, so you can plan your meals around what offers you can find.