Everyone has toyed with the idea of making something from nothing- essentially entrepreneurial alchemy.  Our goal at The Frugalpreneur is to help you start something awesome with little money to start with- if you have the drive to learn, the dedication to plug away and a passion for what you do, you can make money.

Looking around the internet, people are innovating ways to make money by simply utilizing tools that are out there for free or cheap- start blogs, selling on Etsy, recording podcasts and creating apps.  For anyone with the initiative to learn from scratch and build something with simple means, you can find a home here.

Here at thefrugalpreneur.com you will find ways to make money online with little or no money to start with.  That’s what I had to do-  I started from broke and was desperate for more.  

Hear from people who have created careers from at-home businesses and online startups with nothing more than a blog or an idea for an iPhone app!

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