IndonesiaFrom shopping to education, entertainment to remittance – our entire world is now shifting online. And international money transfers are no exception. If you generally transfer money to Indonesia from any other country through swift transfers, you must have faced high transfer fees. Are you in search of a cost-effective and faster method for international money transfers as compared to a bank transfer?

The only method that can guarantee you a seamless transfer is online money transfer. Here are some benefits of doing so:

  • Online money transfer to Indonesia eliminates the extra charges and hassles from the process, provided you are using the right remittance partner for it.
  • Speed, security and other aspects also improve drastically when you switch from offline to online methods.
  • The chances of human errors are zero.
  • Online remittance portals also offer special discounts and coupons to their clients, letting you save on your money transfers.

Why Do People Prefer Online Transfer To Indonesia?

Everyone wants a safe, reliable, fast, efficient and smooth way to remit money overseas. Due to the evolution of the digital world, offline methods have slowly gone out of fashion as they are slow and time-consuming.

Want to know why we consider online transfer better than wiring money to Indonesia?  Here’s the list of reasons:

High-Speed Transaction

Money can be transferred to Indonesia on the same day or the next day, making it the fastest way for sending the money. Online money transfers are faster than bank transfers or other modes of transfer.

High Security

If your transfer fails due to any reason, you will get the money back in your account within 72 hours. Such a guarantee only comes with online portals. Offline methods take too long to process the refund.

When you transfer money to Indonesia, a reliable online remittance portal will ensure that the transfer takes place without a glitch. And in case something goes wrong, you get your money back within 2 to 3 days.

Great Exchange Rates

Online portals offer the most competitive rates you can ask for. So, you get the best conversion rate when you remit money to Indonesia. Unlike other offline remitters who quote an older rate, online remittance agencies give real-time FX rates. Hence, it makes more sense to transfer money to Indonesia through online remittance portals.

Low Transfer Charge

Banks can charge as much as $25 for a $500 transfer to Indonesia. However, that is not the case when you transfer money to Indonesia through an online remittance portal. It charges you close-to-zero or zero transfer fees for international money transfers. Hence, online money transfers are definitely more cost-effective than banks.


Online service providers generally offer great deals to their clients. Wire transfers to Indonesia do not offer such deals. Two most common forms of these benefits are:

  • Bonus for Users
  • Bonus for Referrals

These incentives are surely unique and no offline method offers you such bonuses when you transfer money to Indonesia.

If you are looking for a smart and cost-efficient way to transfer money to Indonesia, InstaReM is a great option. It’s Live FX rates and low fees are great for those, who need to transfer money for personal or business needs.

Excited to try remitting through InstaReM for personal or business use? Click here to get started now!

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